Travel Insurance

Traveling outside the country is an exciting experience, but unpredictable illnesses and accidents can happen… and the resulting medical bills can be devastating.

I already have health insurance, why would I need something else?

With US-based health plans, medical coverage overseas is typically pretty limited. A travel insurance plan can provide coverage that allows you to enjoy every minute of your vacation with no worries.

Here is a list of situations that can be covered by travel insurance for prices that won’t take away from your travel budget…

  • accidents
  • illness
  • dental procedures
  • trip cancellations
  • lost luggage
  • rental car damage

​We offer a variety of plans depending on your needs and circumstances.

If you have a unique travel situation – like mission trips, foreign exchange students, etc – give us a call and let us find you a unique answer!

*By contacting the phone number on this website you will be directed to a licensed agent.

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